13 Reasons why CBD could be a good addition to your pets diet

April 04, 2019

13 Reasons why CBD could be a good addition to your pets diet

Introducing CBD Petcare by H&H Hemp into your pet's diet

Human beings use CBD for a variety of reasons, whether it’s to tackle the issue of joint pain or inflammation or to help the mind with feelings of anxiety, depression or insomnia. CBD’s reputation for healing and well-being is continuing to grow steadily due to the extensive research and in-depth studies being put forward. And with a growing number of medical elitists, seasoned researchers and professional athletes all endorsing CBD as their go-to remedy for both physical and mental problems, it is fast becoming an understood and accepted choice of pain relief than that of conventional prescription medication.


So why not share this natural sourced, alternative pain relief with our furry friends? They too can suffer from all the same physical and mental ailments us humans suffer with, so it is extremely beneficial to understand the healing effects CBD can have on our pets.


Of course, a question of safety immediately springs to mind when we are considering giving our pets any sort of medication to ingest. Therefore, it is important to consider the fact that human beings and mammals share the same endocannabinoid system, which gives one a sigh of relief being safe in the knowledge that CBD works both equally and effectively on humans and animals alike.


Chronic inflammation in young and old pets

Our pets are highly susceptible to inflammatory diseases and chronic inflammation can have a serious impact on their well-being. Inflammation occurs when plasma and white blood cells are drawn to a part of the body to fight off infection, initiate tissue repair and take away dead cells, a regular process in a dog’s body. This results in increased pressure from swelling which stimulates nerve endings causing pain. If you notice your pet has inflammation you can safely assume they are suffering from pain. CBD PetCare helps relieve the pain associated with the daily processes of inflammation your pet experiences.

Autoimmune disease in animals

Autoimmune disease is a condition in which the immune system mistakenly attacks the body. These diseases come in a variety of disorders and your pets, especially dogs, are incredibly prone. CBD works on your pet’s immune system in combatting autoimmune diseases by decreasing the production and release of inflammatory cytokines, which are known to cause hypersensitivities, allergies and autoimmunity. Studies also suggest the CBD can suppress the production of inflammatory macrophages and reduce chronic inflammation within our pets.

Cardiovascular Health in your pet

No doubt we want to look after our pets’ hearts in the best way we can. A preventative measure in doing just so is providing your dog with regular, accurate dosages of CBD in their food. Studies into the correlation between CBD and cardiovascular health have shown that CBD is an effective tool in reducing the destruction caused by damaged blood cells. CBD works particularly well with our pets as it reduces heart rate and high blood pressure associated with anxiety and stress, a common problem with dogs. 

Anxiety when travelling or in the vet

Human beings and animals share a lot of the same feelings; happiness, sadness, loneliness. Unfortunately for our beloved pets’ feelings of anxiety are also far too common. Years of research has been conducted in order to understand the correlation between CBD usage and anxiety conditions. Evidence now suggests that CBD has anti-anxiety properties and can be used on our pets as an alternative to traditional, harsher treatments. CBD PetCare is designed to help our pets with feelings of stress caused by things like separation anxiety or noise phobias. 

Pets with Aggressive behaviours 

As with humans, some pets can be more aggressive than others. There are different reasons for why animals display aggressive behaviours, such as fear or protectiveness, but sometimes pin-pointing an exact reason for continued aggressive behaviour is, at times, guesswork. CBD helps reduce abnormal, prolonged feelings of aggression within your pet in the same way CBD-based products work on humans. CBD PetCare can actively reduce heightened feelings of aggression, which leads to a calmer, happier home for both you and your pet.

Chronic Pain in pets

Extensive research has been carried out over the past decade about the positive effects CBD has on chronic pain in both humans and animals alike. And although a CBD-based pain relief has not yet been approved by the American Food & Drug Administration (FDA), like other CBD-based drugs, there is a serious push from the medical world to do so. If your pet is suffering from pain or long-term chronic pain caused by injury or ageing, then using CBD PetCare can help in several ways. It reduces inflammation and nerve related pain while helping to fight against intestinal inflammation.


Epilepsy and seizures in pets

Epilepsy is a serious condition that affects humans and animals in the same manner. It’s hard to know exactly what percentage of dogs suffer from epilepsy but estimates range between 6-7%. Phenobarbital and potassium bromide are two common drugs designed for pets in the treatment of epilepsy but have been known to be extremely harsh on the liver and other organs. CBD PetCare is a remarkable alternative to harsh drugs, specifically designed for your pets in battling epilepsy. What’s more, in June 2018 the FDA set precedent by approving the production of the first prescription pharmaceutical formula comprised of high quantities of CBD for people who suffer from epilepsy, named Epidiolex. This reinforces CBD’s reputation as a superior alternative to harsh prescription drugs, and what’s ‘approved’ good enough for humans’ is certainly good enough for our four-legged friends.

Arthritis in pets

They say wisdom comes with age, well so too does arthritis, an unfortunate occurrence for most of our pets. Simply put arthritis refers to joint pain or joint disease, presenting itself in a variety of symptoms like pain, swelling and stiffness. Providing your pet with CBD is not only effective in tackling existing symptoms of arthritis but it can also be used as a preventative measure in younger animals to help prevent this ageing associated disease.

Nauseous symptoms by your pet

The National Cancer Institute has conducted research into the correlation between CBD and issues of poor appetite and nausea and has reported that CBD is an effective means of combatting both. CBD PetCare is designed to help your pets with nausea and vomiting and provide them with gentle and lasting relief.


Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) in animals

Just like us, our pets are prone to Irritable Bowel Syndrome and this can have a serious negative impact on their psychical and mental health. Some studies designed to show the relationship between CBD and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) on animals have produced evidence suggesting CBD can prevent colitis, an inflammation of the inner lining of the colon. CBD PetCare works with your pet’s digestive system by reducing chronic inflammation on the digestive tract and can help prevent further problems of sores and ulcers. 

Glaucoma in animals

This common disease affects the eyes, especially in certain breeds of dog, and it is caused by a build-up of pressure resulting in poor fluid drainage from the eye. This is a nasty and painful disease and can result in the loss of vision and in extreme cases the eye itself. There are several research studies which suggest that CBD can be a powerful weapon against glaucoma, with one study dating back to 1998 stating that CBD can reduce intraocular pressure in over 60% of glaucoma patients tested. Breeds such as Cocker Spaniels, Poodles and Siberian Huskies are particularly susceptible to glaucoma, however, this disease can occur in any breed so early detection and treatment are essential.

Pets with Skin Disorders

Skin disorders are the most common health problems our pets have and come in a range of conditions such as mange, fleas, ringworm, yeast infections and bacterial skin infections, to name but a few. The symptoms experienced by any one of these conditions are very painful and can cause a serious impact on your pets physical and mental health. CBD actively works with your pet’s immune system by both preventing and healing the physical, and mental, effects of skin disorders.



Anyone who is lucky enough to own a pet knows that they are more than just an animal, they are one of the family. So, when considering your options as to the best health care you can provide for your loved one, think about the benefits CBD PetCare by H&H Hemp can have. Whether it’s the physical symptoms of inflammation or arthritis, the mental anguish caused by anxiety or stress, or preventative action against heart disease, our CBD Petcare supplement can be added to your existing regimen. 

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