What are CBD Crystals?

CBD isolates or CBD crystals are the purified extractions of cannabinoids. They are a very effective way of ensuring that you get a potent dose of CBD and benefit from its mind care and body care abilities.

CBD crystals have a rate of 98%, which is the cleanest and purest form of cannabidiol. It also contains a few traces of other cannabinoids and terpenes. Our CBD crystals are made from European certified hemp plants are 100% organic. The crystals are obtained from CO2 extraction and are completely free of THC. Which means you won’t feel intoxicated, lethargic or euphoric after ingesting the CBD crystals. But can enjoy its health benefits.

You can enjoy them in a number of ways.

  • The most common and convenient way is through vaping.
  • You can mix them with the e-liquid and use for vaporization.
  • You can mix them with a carrier oil and place under your tongue for ingestion.
  • You can melt them and use it for baking and include in your dietary routine as they are safe to cook with.
  • Or you can simply dab them if you are an advanced user. 

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Get an instant dose with these CBD crystals and enjoy the many health benefits of CBD.