Irelands Favourite CBD Oils 

The most common form of CBD is CBD oil. It took the world by storm when DR. Sanjay Gupta investigated its abilities, health and mind care benefits for children suffering from epilepsy. It is available on our websites from many manufacturers, all of which extract it using certified methods and best practices.

Let us tell you a bit about its origin.

It all starts with the process of selecting the appropriate cannabis genetics. Selecting a strain that is high in CBD is essential and the key to getting the best quality and yield, whether you are creating CBD oil from marijuana or the hemp plant. 

Our CBD Oils are 100% organic, suitable for Vegans and vegetarians.

We work with some of the best companies in the CBD oil extraction industry and are vertically integrated with them.

These companies make sure that the CBD oil is safe and of the highest quality from seed to sale. Offering rapid delivery of a wide range of CBD and Fitness products in Ireland and throughout Europe H&H Supplies is Irelands leading CBD supplier.

You can fight the daily stress and indulge in amazing health benefits with this miracle dietary supplement range from H&H Hemp.