Build A Powerful, Flexible Core And Body Strength

Stretching and Mobility based exercises are integral parts of any fitness regime. Our stretching and mobility collection features Power Bands, exercising loops, yoga mats, grid and eva foam rollers, stability balls and massage balls.

Do you struggle to jump, run and move without pain even though you are active and exercise on a regular basis? The reason could be your lack of mobility, as it is the ability to move freely without any muscle strain or pains and stretching is a key way to achieve this. We are born with full mobility as a child but as we age, we lose it because we stop using it.

Increase muscle flexibility, motor control and overall mobility 

Featured in our fitness range are stretching and mobility focused products that will help you build more flexible muscles and tendons that allow for a greater range of motion during different activities. We have the highest quality products like resistance bands, yoga mats, foam rollers and resistance power bands that are ideal for resistance training, stretching and mobility based exercise routines.

For further details on each product, browse through our stretching/mobility section in the fitness range.